Accelerated Domains

Accelerated Domains™ is a unique service for your website that enhances security, speed and reduces the carbon footprint. It’s a fully managed set-and-forget type of service that automatically optimizes network transport and delivery of your site. The service continuously evolves with new features and website enhancements, sourced from leading security and web performance experts.

What problem does Accelerated Domains solve?

It’s easy to leave the responsibility for website security, web performance and your carbon footprint to your developer. The trouble is that the web developer’s solution to such issues are usually installing more plugins.

All plugins are made of code. All code requires frequent maintenance, and it also often contains bugs. Code bugs are often what’s used as the attack vectors on websites. When you add more code to your website, it takes longer time to process – and therefore also becomes slower for your visitors.

Accelerated Domains allows you to eliminate the use of security, caching and optimization plugins on your website. It improves the performance of your website significantly, while reducing the server resources needed and the developer time that’s required to keep it running. 

The service allows you, as the responsible person for the website, to make sure that the three most important things for website health are taken care of – sustainability, security and performance – independent of your web development agency.

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How does Accelerated Domains work?

The Accelerated Domains backbone is an anycast network including nodes in over 180 locations globally. This global network of nodes works in between the website and the visitor to enhance, supercharge and accelerate the traffic. Each node runs the same software, which optimizes the loading speed and scalability of websites running Accelerated Domains.

Accelerated Domains makes any website load faster, scale better and more easily. It also reduces the origin server’s CPU consumption.

Technical description

When a client loads an Accelerated Domains enabled website it connects to the nearest node in the network first. The connection is then routed through the Accelerated Domains network instead of the regular Internet routing, resulting in lower latency. When the origin server generates the response, it takes the same fast route back through the Accelerated Domains network. On the way back to the visitor, the response gets cached by multiple nodes in the Accelerated Domains network. This enables Accelerated Domains to serve the next visitor from cache, which is faster and more efficient, than having to go all the way back to the origin web server for each request.

At the same time, the Accelerated Domains node optimizes the response (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), resulting in faster rendering of the website in the visitor’s browser.

Globally local

The Accelerated Domains network spans across more than 180 data centers globally. Your website becomes accessible from any of these nodes, which means that it does not matter where in the world your visitors are, their access to your site will be local.

The service being globally local means that Accelerated Domains also works as a smart Content Delivery Network. By running the security engine and performance enhancements on all of these 180 data centers, we have been seeing an average decrease in load times by 45%.

Smart Protection

Accelerated Domains Security Engine

The threat level on the internet is constantly rising, with hackers, vicious bots and other bad actors. The Security Engine is continuously fed with fresh processed intelligence data from thousands of websites, allowing the engine to develop protection measures and deploy them, in time to stop attacks on your website.

The Accelerated Domains Security Engine automatically protects you against denial of service attacks (DDoS), brute force attacks, SQL injections and other specially crafted technical attacks. The admin sections of your website are reinforced with extra challenges that hinder password guessing and other automated techniques to break into your website.

When new threats are discovered by the Security Engine, your site automatically receives protection and threats will be mitigated, before your website is even being targeted.

We’re making a sustainable carbon neutral internet, one site at the time

Make your website part of the sustainable carbon neutral internet. With Accelerated Domains you ensure that your site is powered by green energy. Your website will be using modern, resource effective hardware, and networks. And you’ll also receive new optimizations that minimize data size and website complexity automatically when new technologies become available.

Have you checked if your website is powered by green hosting already?

The simplified ABC of a Sustainable Green Website

Making websites as green as possible starts with powering your website with green energy, and to minimize the resources required to deliver it to your site visitors. The benefit of a green and sustainable website, is that it will also deliver the best possible website experience for your visitors.

Green Hosting

Make sure your website is powered by green energy, using a provider that offers modern hosting infrastructure and is committed to providing carbon neutral services.

Green Internet Delivery

Accelerated Domains helps you make sure that your website is transported over sustainable network paths using modern hardware, and that website visitors get cached copies of your website from the closest possible connection point.

Sustainable Web Development

The build quality of websites has a large impact on how green your website is. Accelerated Domains helps you reduce the number of website plugins you need, thereby making your solution more lightweight.

Your web developers should always seek to minimize the size of the server side code, images and website output. Lightweight means greener, and a better user experience.

What you need to do to
get Accelerated Domains

  1. Order Accelerated Domains from one of the Accelerated Domains partners
  2. Install one of the Accelerated Domains plugins/modules on your website making your website Accelerated Domains ready
  3. Point your domain to the designated Accelerated Domains endpoint

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Features boosting and securing your website


Accelerated Routing

The Internet is complex, and finding the fastest way through the Internet from A to B can be hard. Accelerated Routing ensures that all traffic to your website takes the shortest route possible. This is achieved by analyzing and timing trillions of requests in real time. When a faster route is discovered, the traffic will use this route.

Global Low Latency Caching

Both static assets and HTML is cleverly stored on supernodes in the Accelerated Domains network, so that infrequent requests for data can be served from the supernodes, instead of being delivered from the origin server. This ensures maximum cache performance, and minimum response times globally.

Cache hit rate optimization

The internet often feels slower when you click on advertisements, newsletters and other campaigns. With cache hit rate optimization, your marketing campaigns will not suffer from the usual performance hit you get when using marketing services. You’ll perform as if people were hitting your website directly.

Automatic Global HTML Caching

Accelerated Domains can, in addition to delivery of images, JavaScript and CSS, also cache HTML. Caching of HTML makes your site lightning fast from all of the 180+ locations world wide.

Enterprise CDN

The Accelerated Domains Network enables local delivery of cached HTML and static assets from 180+ nodes around the globe.


Accelerated Domains automatically minifies HTML, CSS and JavaScript on-the-fly. This ensures that whitespace and comments meant for humans don’t get touched, but that unnecessary code is removed.

Network prioritization

Accelerated Domains has access to a dedicated global backbone network that provides faster transport than publicly available network paths. This means your data will travel with the fastest pace and highest throughput that is possible on the internet at all times.

Automatic Website Optimization

For WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento you’ll get Automatic Website Optimization. It’s a feature that enhances your site’s performance by using techniques developed by web performance specialists (coming soon).

Lossless Image Optimization

Improve image load time by optimizing images hosted on your domain. Optionally, the WebP image codec can be used with supported clients for additional performance benefits.

Brotli & Gzip

Speed up page load times for your visitor’s HTTPS traffic by applying Brotli compression.

TCP Turbo

Reduce latency and throughput with custom-tuned TCP optimizations.

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Where most other website security services run on the server or within the application (for example WordPress or Magento), the security engine in Accelerated Domains is working in front of the server and the application. Like a fence or wall around your website and its infrastructure. This enables the security features to stop malicious traffic before it hits the server, application or any part of the origin infrastructure.

Managed Website Firewall (WAF)

Accelerated Domains comes with a fully Managed Web Application Firewall. That means you don’t have to worry about maintaining a firewall, that’s already covered by us. You’ll get everything from OWASP, to automatic rules from traffic pattern analysis, to custom rules included as a standard.

Automatic DDoS Protection

Protection against DDoS attacks is automated and built in as a simple service you don’t need to worry about, and can simply rely on. With close to 60 Tbps network capacity, Accelerated Domains is capable of handling close to all DDoS attacks.

Automatic Rate Limiting

Automatic Rate Limiting limits the amount of requests a single visitor can make in a specific period of time. This automatically challenges or blocks bad bots and people that are hitting your site at a high pace.

Automatic SSL

Premium encrypted security is provided with an SSL certificate included as part of the package. There’s no need to purchase a separate SSL or set up Let’s Encrypt – you’ll get the best included without any additional costs.

Hide the origin web server’s IP

When using Accelerated Domains your origin server IP is hidden from the public, making your site more secure.

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